Facebook Advertising

Facebook provides a fantastic opportunity to build very focused advertising audiences and run campaigns that scale very efficiently.

Facebook offers unparalleled tracking and optimisation. For low initial investment, it’s possible to create granular, targeted audiences that are optimised for whatever goal your campaign requires – whether it’s lead generation, engagement or direct sales.

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Our Facebook Advertising Process

Discussing Your Needs

Everything begins with a thorough overview of what you are hoping to achieve with your online presence.

Part of this discussion will be to decide if advertising is the right strategy for meeting your goals, or whether a more holistic approach is required.

This is also where we define the scope of the initial campaign – in terms of budgets and timescales, etc. We will discuss what you know about your market and product, and combine this with further research on online audiences. This will inform how we design the campaign.

Tracking Set Up

Successful campaigns absolutely require that the Facebook tracking pixel is installed on your website. 

This tracking is what allows us to test different types of creative assets, messaging, and targeting options. Without it, campaigns are less efficient.

We'll work with your developers as required, or install the tracking directly ourselves to make sure that campaigns can run transparently.

Initial Research Campaigns

Once tracking is verified and working, the next step is to begin the research phase to build the right audience for your campaign.

Short video campaigns can be very effective here. We use these campaigns to gauge the types of individuals who are most likely to engage with your product and brand. Using this data, we can clone the combination of attributes and behaviours that make for an engaged audience, and use this data to create large funnels of potential customers.

Campaign Launch & Split Testing

Once we’ve created audiences with a high likelihood of engaging with your ads, we launch the campaign proper.

Even though this isn’t the initial research phase, we still continue to learn as the campaign progresses. We will test different use of messaging, imagery, and calls to action. As campaigns with better engagement are rewarded with a better costs per click, this helps to reduce the cost of the campaign as it progresses.

Reporting and Recap

Once we have run through the research, the campaign launch, and optimisation, we take stock of the aspects that worked most effectively, and report on what we’ve learned.

This is where we can see the final return on investment, and see how the ROI increased as the rolling optimisation took effect.

Once the initial campaign is completed, we would usually launch a follow-on campaign that takes advantage of this optimised ROI.

We typically run the follow-on campaigns with repeated cycles of split testing to eke-out further improvements in to the return.

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