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We have over 10 years’ experience in running organic search strategy.

This experience includes organic campaigns for some of the UK’s largest retailers, publishing companies, and financial firms, as well as leading players in the charity, recruitment, trading, and education sectors.

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Our SEO Process

Business Consultation

Our consultation process begins with a thorough discussion of the goals you have for your site.  

Part of this discussion will be to decide if SEO is the right strategy for meeting your goals, or whether a more holistic approach is required.

This all depends on your niche, the nature of your product and offer – sometimes combining organic search with advertising or lead generation approaches delivers a better return.

We always want to make sure our clients are informed consumers of digital services.

Technical Audit

Most modern CMS systems avoid the majority of major technical issues for SEO.

However, for very large websites in particular (such as ecommerce stores) small problems become replicated at such scale they can become severe problems.

From there, once engaged by the client for SEO, we will complete a thorough audit of your website for technical pitfalls that can cause SEO performance to lag.

Some of the biggest obstacles to search engines can have very obscure origins, and our auditing process, once it covers the basics, always strives to pin down the often hidden areas that cause problems for search.

Site Speed Review

Site speed is an area most sites need to improve.

Whilst we find that most websites do a reasonable job when it comes to technical SEO issues, site speed is an area most sites fall down on.

We always work with real world performance data and do not blindly follow Google’s automated recommendations when they don’t apply in the real world.

We will work with your developers directly to speed up the site, focusing on the areas that will deliver the best improvement for the cost and time spent implementing them.

Keyword Research

We approach keyword research differently.

We advocate a blend of traditional keyword research and market research. Our research aims to discover the human elements that go into the searches that your customer makes.

We’re interested in a number of different things when it comes to keywords:

  • What questions and intents are your market using search engines to satisfy?
  • What stage of the pipeline do different search queries represent?
  • What sort of content will google present users for each search query?

For plenty of search queries, Google will not return a traditional landing page. For others, they will. It’s important that your organic strategy is aligned with the path Google are taking with their search service – the long term approach is to swim with, not against, this flow, and use content appropriately.

As well as the transactional keywords that surrounds a product or service, answering the questions your customers have early in the funnel represents a great way to build sales leads as well as traffic.

Content Production

Our campaigns go beyond “keyword content”.

We work with journalists to create a properly conjoined content strategy that turns your website into a top resource.  Get featured in Google answers, and become a trusted signal in how Google evaluate the web.

Topics will be rooted in a properly researched lexicon of the language used by your customers, and will serve to address their pain points, questions, and gently nurture them as leads.

Google have invested massively in rewarding websites that provide expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. This can’t be faked, and our content is the real deal.

We will also audit your existing content. Too often we see that clients have invested huge sums of money in content that doesn’t get read. We will prune the ineffective content, update the old, consolidate the similar, and optimize everything as we go.

If content is adding value to users, it’s unlikely to add value to your business.

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